Masonry Services in Toronto

Bowman Masonry Restoration is a family run company. With over 30 years experience and jobs varying from chimneys to old home restorations our masons pride themselves on quality customer service and giving the customer what they want. We do work for contractors and on private residential jobs as well. Call for Toronto masonry services today.

Chimney Installs and Rebuilds in Toronto 

Chimneys Repair & Rebuild, Bowman Masonry Restoration LTDWhen it comes to your chimney, there are things that you should know about it such as it will not last long with maintenance. Over time, the brick that holds your chimney together will start to deteriorate. When it does, you need protection as disregarding the situation may only make matters worse. 

New construction will give you all that you need in order to have a functional chimney. If the purpose of your chimney is to filter the smoke from the fireplace, then make sure that you call the masons who can build you a good looking chimney that can do so. 

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Custom Designs from the Fireplace Professionals 

Fireplaces, Bowman Masonry Restoration LTDAS part of our Toronto masonry services, we offer fireplace design and construction. A custom designed and built fireplace increases your home’s comfort and becomes a beautiful, yet functional centerpiece for your home. Our skilled team will create a unique fireplace that fits your decor.  

With years of experience we specialize in the design and building of “Rumford” fireplaces, and installation of energy efficient wood burning inserts. Visit Rumford for more information regarding these beautifully working and esthetic fireplaces. Bowman Masonry Restoration are also Associated Design Masons with The Fireplace Shop. 

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Dedicated & Committed Masonry Services to Accommodate Your Needs

About Us, Bowman Masonry Restoration, Bowman Masonry Restoration LTDYour home should be your castle. When you feel that it no longer meets your needs, then have Bowman Masonry Restoration come to the rescue as we are able to meet your stone/ brick needs. We understand just how valuable your home or business is to you and will see how we can transform your dwellings. 

For over three decades, there is no one else that can do cleaning for your bricks in the Toronto area. Don’t miss out as we do everything from brick replacement to fireplace installation. Call us for an estimate. 

There is a lot that Toronto masonry services can do for you. To learn more, please give us a call. There is no reason why you should be living with damaged block work when you can take advantage of our masonry services. 

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Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) Certified

If you are looking for professional Toronto Masonry Contractor, please call Bowman Masonry Restoration LTD at 647-341-1770 or fill out our online request form.