About Us

Incorporated in 2005, but in business since 1981, Bowman Masonry Restoration Ltd. is now in its 34th year of serving the Southern Ontario area. Guy Bowman, owner, became interested in masonry after apprenticing with a family friend. He grew to love the intricacies of brick and mortar, and in discovering how fireplaces work, and how to improve their design.

Bowman puts extra emphasis on the final valuable product; this is the resulting fireplace, hearth or piece of masonry work that the company completes. Rather than focusing on the dollar figure and profit at the end, Bowman’s ultimate goal is happy clients, resulting from well-done masonry work. Bowman and its employees instill a depth of quality of work and craftsmanship that is unparalleled.

Creativity is a common element in each of Bowman’s projects; each one of Bowman’s employees is trained directly by Guy, and the company never subcontracts its work out. By using only company employees, this ensures that each project is handled appropriately, to the exacting standards that Bowman requires.

Customer service is a key for Bowman; as professionals, they care about their clients and the finished product, not the bottom line. The look of the final product is essential; it should not only be appealing to the eye, but be seamless as well. The new portion of the project should match the existing work with exacting detail, so that no difference can be seen.

Bowman has a team of scaffolding employees, and owns scaffolding systems as well. This savings in rental and labour costs is passed along to you, the customer. As well, being WETT certified, the company ensures that all the fireplaces they install are to a set standard.

Bowman specializes in creating and designing fireplaces that are efficient and elegant. Guy is passionate about improving the fireplace situation in Toronto, especially. One of the highlights of Bowman’s wheelhouse is the Rumford fireplace, designed by Count Rumford in 1780s to correct smoky Victorian Fireplaces. Whether you are seeking a refurbishment of an old fireplace or creation of something new, Bowman is ready and able to help you with any sort of masonry task.