Toronto Masonry

Why Is My Fireplace Smoky?

Your fireplace is one of the most valued parts of your Toronto home. It provides you with warmth on chilly nights, and it’s beautiful to look at. But if your fireplace is getting smoky, it can be a very dangerous situation. There are a number of different reasons that a this may occur, and no […] Read More

Advantages of Building with Masonry in Toronto

Building with masonry in Toronto is a timeless form of art. It involves constructing of structures through individual units that are laid in one by one and bound together using mortar. Common materials used are brick, granite, limestone, tile, glass block, concrete block, stone, marble and stucco. Logically, this technique is no less a highly […] Read More

Brick Cleaning – Why Would You Need a Professional and How Would They Do It?

It’s a good idea to get a bricklayer who also does cleaning or at least introduce your brick cleaner to your brick layer before the work starts, because the brick layer can influence how easily the cleaning is done.  Read More