Historical Restoration

Bowman Masonry Restoration excels in restoring historical buildings in the Toronto area to their previous glory. We have worked hand in hand with one of the largest historical restoration companies in Toronto, and are often called in to work with recognized architectural firms, specializing in historical restoration from chimneys to entire homes.

No matter the project, every historical home in Toronto has one common theme – the utter dedication to detail and precision in every line, and every brick laid. We keep faith with that dedication in replacing and restoring the historical homes in our city, thus ensuring the longevity of the build and the look the client is looking for.

The materials used in restoring a historical building are extremely important. As a result, we source out bricks to match the existing work as much as possible, using reclaimed brick as needed. We also use the appropriate mortars, using non-Portland mortars as necessary, as this mortar is softer and allows certain bricks to move without harm to those bricks.

True restoration isn’t just replacing one brick with another; it is a seamless replacement that blends in perfectly into the original structure. When completed, the project should look just as it was first built, no matter if it was 50 years ago or over 100.

The first step to your historical building or chimney restoration is a detailed quote. We will inspect the brickwork in question, and determine what is needed to complete the restoration. Sometimes all that is needed is a few replacement bricks and/or repointing of the mortar joints and mortar; sometimes a complete replacement is necessary. Either way Bowman Masonry is able to handle the project.

After providing and approval of the quote, our skilled team of craftsmen will begin work on the project. We do not subcontract out our work, so everyone working on your project will be a direct Bowman Masonry employee. We also have access to our own scaffolding, ensuring that we do not have to wait for rentals – cutting costs for you in the process.

Bowman Masonry looks forward to working with you on your historical building restoration.