Preventive Maintenance to Minimize Chimney Repair

Preventive Maintenance to Minimize Chimney Repair

Fireplaces, Bowman Masonry Restoration LTDThe addition of a fireplace in your home is something that can be appreciated by children and adults alike. Everyone enjoys the warm and cozy feeling that is provided by a live fire on a cold winter day. However it is important to make sure that your chimney, which actually helps your fire breathe, is in proper working order and this can be achieved through regular maintenance and proper repairs if they are ever needed. 

A chimneys main purpose is to ensure that gases and smoke produced are vented up and out of your home. This is important because the buildup of these gases in your home can create carbon monoxide levels that can be fatal. Secondly the chimney is used to contain the excess heat produced from the fire and vent it to the outside of your home. If this excess heat is not vented out of your home properly it can cause a fire within your home. This is why it is of vital importance that if you have any Toronto chimney repairs done you should ensure that they are done correctly and a by qualified professional.

There are some basic chimney preventive maintenance measures that you as a homeowner can do to keep your chimney in good working condition. One of the most basic tasks that you can do is chimney cleaning and in order to do this you will need a basic set of chimney sweep tools. These can be purchased at either a local home improvement store or better yet a contractor that specializes in chimney repairs and cleaning. Basic chimney sweep tools should include a chimney cleaning brush, a tarp, a shovel and broom, a metal bucket, a shop vacuum, flashlight, a dust mask and goggles, and a ladder.

When your chimney is not cleaned properly there are several chimney repair issues that can arise. One of them is the buildup of creosote oil on the inside of your chimney. When too much of this residue accumulates it can ignite and cause a fire on the inside of your chimney. Blockage is another issue that occurs within the flue of your chimney. It can be caused by the buildup of foreign materials and debris that fall into the chimney from outside sources. These blockages can reduce the efficiency of your chimney and also prevent smoke and heat from being vented out. Over the course of time the gases from fire can become corrosive damage to the chimney flue and allow the gases to seep into your home and to prevent this you should have an annual inspection of your chimney flue to ensure it is working properly. Leaks within the flue can also corrode the brickwork and masonry of your chimney and will cost you quite a bit of money in repairs.