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To Tuckpoint or Not to Tuckpoint in Toronto

If you have an older Toronto home or have had recent settlement in your homes foundation, you are probably a candidate for tuckpointing. What is tuckpointing you ask? Good question. Tuckpointing is the process of filling in missing, cracked or deteriorated mortar joints in masonry walls. In this process your Toronto masonry repair professional removes […] Read More

Brick Cleaning – Why Would You Need a Professional and How Would They Do It?

It’s a good idea to get a bricklayer who also does cleaning or at least introduce your brick cleaner to your brick layer before the work starts, because the brick layer can influence how easily the cleaning is done.  Read More

Preventive Maintenance to Minimize Chimney Repair

The addition of a fireplace in your home is something that can be appreciated by children and adults alike. Everyone enjoys the warm and cozy feeling that is provided by a live fire on a cold winter day. However it is important to make sure that your chimney, which actually helps your fire breathe, is […] Read More